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Established in 1986, M/s Yog Electro Process Pvt. Ltd. began as an SSI firm led by a young Managing Director with extensive experience in their field of business. Today, Yog Electro Process Pvt. Ltd. is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of Temperature Transducers and Process Instruments, including Industrial Temperature Transducers (Thermocouple and RTD), Digital Temp. Indicators/Controllers, Dial thermometers, Gauge thermometers, Recorders, Transmitters, Scanners, Data loggers, and more. These devices play a crucial role in many process industries.

Due to the growing support of our valued customers and their demand for calibration, Yog Electro Process Pvt. Ltd. established a Temperature Calibration Laboratory, which is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and technical expertise to carry out calibration services in accordance with the technical requirements of the International Standard. The Calibration Lab is located in Pune City’s industrial hub, with qualified and experienced engineers and technicians to support our endeavours.

Yog Electro Process Pvt. Ltd. (Calibration Lab) aims to achieve its growth by providing calibration services that meet both customer requirements and International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 & NABL with the help of our trained and qualified staff.


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What we do

We not only issue certificates but also conduct thorough checks, establishing ourselves as a trusted brand in the thermal industry for many years.

Sensor Calibration

RTD and Thermocouple calibration NABL Accredited for -20 to 1100 Deg. C.

Sensors with Indicator Calibration

Calibration of the indicator with a sensor NABL Accredited

Sound/Lux CaLibration

Sound and Lux calibration, traceable to NABL for laboratories and others.

Furnace Mapping

Calibration and mapping of furnace/oven, environmental chambers traceable to NABL

On-site Calibration (Coming Soon)

Onsite calibration for thermal traceable to NABL.

Consultation & Assistance

Consultation, and assistance with total laboratory management in thermal as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Conducting audits as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017


We're satisfied with the performance of S type thermocouple supplied by Yog & calibrated at Yog (Calibration Lab). The said sensor was used for proficiency testing & the performance was as per our expectations. 

Bhagyesh Udgirkar

Octagon Management Solution

We recently had a transmitter calibrated at Yog's Calibration Lab, and the process was seamless. The lab's technical expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure ensured that the calibration was carried out to the highest standards. We highly recommend Yog Electro Process Pvt. Ltd. for their quality products and calibration services.

V. Adams

Adams Group

The lab's technical expertise and adherence to international standards ensured that our sensor was calibrated to the highest level of accuracy. We highly recommend Yog Electro Process Pvt. Ltd. to anyone seeking quality temperature measurement solutions and calibration services.

Alisha Bano